Episode 103 - "Unforgiving"

Welcome to our latest show where we are delving in to the ruinous powers. We start by covering the rules for corruption, mutation, and madness, and then we move on to a discussion on the Heretek archetype. We have a guest join us for our review, and end off the show with a discussion on how Wrath and Glory characters would be ported in to the 40k tabletop rules.

Episode 102 - "Theatre of the Mind"

We are back for 2019 and in our latest show we are taking a look at Psykers and the Psychic Powers system in Wrath & Glory. In line with this we cover the Sanctioned Psyker archetype, before reviewing Dark Tides, and ending off with a quick discussion on the best way to describe your characters and NPCs to the rest of the group.

Episode 101 - "Into the Void"

In our latest show we're back to analysing the various systems of Wrath and Glory, and this time around we take a look at the rules for Voidships. We also talk about the Rogue Trader archetype, review Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, and we end of with a discussion on the considerations of running sandbox style games.

Episode 100 - "Da Undred Show"

Get ready to Waaaagh with James and Mike as we bring you our centenary show right at the conclusion of Orktober. With a hundred shows now under our belt we welcome back some of our favourite guests including Ross Watson and Tim Huckelbery for a bit of a retrospective on what got us to this point. We also celebrate the season with a deeper look at the Ork Boy archetype and finally share some messages from fans of the games and our show.

Episode 99 - "Cards and Tables"

We finally return to our original format with all regular sections of the show now back. We start with a look at the various card decks of Wrath and Glory, before moving on to a look at the Ganger archetype. We then give you our review of Kill-Team, and finally we end off by talking about the importance of the session 0 in your Wrath and Glory campaign.

Episode 98 - "GenCon Special 4"

In our latest episode, we bring you all of the news from GenCon 2018 including the official launch of Wrath and Glory. We discuss the Ulisses North America panel, talk about the rules for character creation, and review the Wrath and Glory Core Book itself. Finally we return to our career series with an in-depth look at the Skitarius archetype.