Dark Heresy 2nd Edition Session 5 Part 1

Welcome to the fifth session of our Dark Heresy 2nd Edition actual play via Roll20. We continue on with our play through of Desolation of the Dead from the Gamemaster's Kit. Spoilers will be present.

Episode 5 - "More Dakka"

(History of the Only War game; The system of Only War - regiments, specialties, aptitudes, logistics, missions; Discussion on the Heavy Gunner speciality - overview, builds & role playing; Review of Hammer of the Emperor; Running a military campaign)

Episode 4 - "Lead the Black Crusade"

(History of the Black Crusade game; The system of Black Crusade - advancement, system changes, compacts; Discussion on the Champion archetype - overview, builds & role playing; Review of Tome of Fate; Running an evil campaign and managing a mix of Chaos Space Marines and Heretics)
Links from this episode: @BakedBoons' Dark Heresy write up, WarbossTae on Youtube